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Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021 | 1PC (Perpetual Licence) | Digital (ESD/EU)

Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021 | 1PC (Perpetual Licence) | Digital (ESD/EU)
Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021 | 1PC (Perpetual Licence) | Digital (ESD/EU)
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Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021 | 1PC (Perpetual Licence) | Digital (ESD/EU)
Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021 | 1PC (Perpetual Licence) | Digital (ESD/EU)
Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021 | 1PC (Perpetual Licence) | Digital (ESD/EU)
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Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021 | 1PC (Perpetual Licence) | Digital (ESD/EU)

Product Details:

Put an end to unnecessary picturefiles


Feature overview

More storage space thanks to DuplicateManager Photo you don't give away expensive storage space any more More time no more wasting your valuable time on manual searches Better overview thanks to smart duplicate finder technology (exact, duplicate or similar images)

More storage space, better overview

Have you archived your photos for years on your PC and connected devices? Now you realize that you have a fairly large number of duplicate and similar images on your PC that take up valuable storage space? Rest assured that you're not the only one who has this experience.
Nero DuplicateManager Photo solves your problems quickly and safely.


Simple, fast and safe

(1) Start search

Recover valuable disk space with DuplicateManager Photo

(2) Confirm preselection

Smart Duplicate Finder technology makes recommendations

(3) Duplicates deleted

Duplicates safely deleted with best overview and easy recovery if desired


The problem

Anyone who uses their PC to archive their photo collection from smartphones, digital cameras, USB sticks, online storage and the like will know the problem. How many others will you probably have
experienced these typical cases:

Problem-IconDuplicate images piled up from different devices
Problem-IconDuplicated pictures of sharing with family and friends
Problem-IconCopies of duplicated images that were accidentally created
Problem-IconNearly identical images through image processing (filters, color correction, etc.)
Problem-IconAlmost identical images due to resizing
Problem-IconNearly identical images through continuous shooting
Problem-IconAlmost identical images through HDR image sequences imported from your smartphone
Problem-IconAlmost identical images of many similar motifs
Problem-IconIdentical images stored in different image formats

The solution

To resolve your situation, you must first identify your duplicates and then decide which images you want to keep and what should be securely deleted. In many cases this can be very time-consuming. In addition, deciding what to keep and what to delete can be very difficult. Nero DuplicateManager Photo solves both problems: It helps you clean up your image archive with exact duplicate images and similar images quickly and accurately.



It's that simple

Simply select one or more of your specific cleanup folders and start image recognition. The Image Cleanup mode for exact duplicates shows what you should keep and what you should safely delete, while the similar Image Recognition mode conveniently automatically categorizes your similar images into "Places", "Series", "Motifs", "Resize", "Formats" and more. This makes it extremely easy for you to find, compare and decide which types of similar images you want to keep and clean.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 / 64 bit)
  • 2GHz processor or higher
  • 1GB RAM
  • 5GB of disk storage
  • Interner Connection to download install and run the software
  • DVD disk drive for playback of DVDs 
  • CD / DVD/ BluRay recorder to burn optical disks



Product Information
Level of ExperienceBeginner
Licence DurationPerpertual Licence
Package FormatDigital Product
Region of ActivationEU
Licence TypePrivate + Commercial
Purchase OptionFull
Edition NamePlatinum
Delivery byDigital (Email/Account)
Type (Media)Download Link
Delivery (Licence Key)Activation Code Emailed (Digital (ESD))
Package (Content)Digital Product
Package Language-
Application LanguageEnglish,German,Spanish,French
Software TypeVideo Editing
Compatible OS Edition
WindowsWindows 10
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